Healing Through Writing: Becoming a Main Character in Your Own Life

Psychotherapy and Writing

6 Assignments

Workshop Fee: $600*


One of the foundational beliefs of Depth Psychology is that a therapist can go no deeper with a client than she/he has gone within her/himself. If we apply that same belief to writing: A fictional character can only understand her/himself to the degree that the writer understands her/himself. It seems clear that one way for a writer to learn more about expressing emotions, feelings, introspections and psychological patterns would be to explore those areas within her/himself.

Human beings are much more than our biology, our genetics/ancestry and our environment, but there is much to be gained through learning about, befriending and claiming our personal history.

This course provides the opportunity for you to uncover, understand and utilize your past in order to gain wisdom about your present and future. At the same time it encourages expanded knowledge to help you create richer, more emotionally-diverse, fictional characters.

Course Description

Combining writing and self-exploration, this course is for anyone who wishes to uncover the roots of old patterns, to explore limiting beliefs and to make conscious new decisions. Writing is an excellent self-discovery technique and as you write the stories of your life, some recurring themes will emerge.

After you email me each completed assignment (1000 words/4 pages – directions provided), we will schedule a time (30 minutes) via Zoom or telephone for me to give feedback, insights, guidance, and to answer your questions about the writing and the emotional/psychological aspects shared in your story.

Each writing assignment must be completed, and an appointment made for personal zoom/telephone consultation with me, within two weeks of receipt of the assignment.

Course Objective

Cultivation of the ability to write about the various emotional/psychological layers, within yourself and your characters. To journey deeper and ask insightful questions. To explore your inner world and understand yourself better.

The Workshop begins when you enroll, and ends when you complete the 6 writing assignments and individual feedback sessions, or six months from your enrollment date.

Email to request an application.

*The fee is payable in full via credit card, in advance.

Lynda Hilburn, LPC, CAC II, CCHt is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Intuitive, and Author working in Boulder, CO.

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