Trauma & PTSD

Are you curious about PTSD treatment?

Does your life feel small and restricted due to the routines and rituals you create to feel safe?

Do you find yourself avoiding anything that triggers memories or strong emotions?

Have you been feeling so numb, you’ve lost any sense of pleasure in your life?

Are you always expecting something bad to happen?

Do you struggle with anxiety, often unable to fall or stay asleep?

Have you experienced nightmares?

Do you often feel you’re on the outside looking in at your own life?

Are you the parent of an estranged adult child?

Are you avoiding close relationships because you have difficulty trusting?

Have you lost important relationships due to your fears and moods?

Is it easier to just be alone?

If you can say yes to some of these questions, you could be experiencing PTSD.

What is trauma?

Dealing with the consequences of a traumatic experience can be challenging, whether the situation was something big like war, a natural disaster, an accident, death or rape/assault, or something complicated that unfolded over time such as abandonment, abuse, family dysfunction, or intense stress. The complicated forms of trauma can be more difficult to identify, because they’re not as obvious and we often acclimate to them. But both kinds of traumas can have similar effects. Each person reacts to traumatic events in her/his own unique way.

PTSD is a common reason that people seek therapy, and treatment has been proven to help.

PTSD treatment can help you become your best self.

I specialize in PTSD treatment in Boulder and can help you heal from the challenges of the past. Although it can be difficult to ask for help, taking that first step can be lifechanging. It’s totally possible to learn to manage your emotions and feel safe in the world. You can recover from the traumas – overwhelming or complicated – and have the life you prefer.

What is PTSD treatment?

During therapy, I will provide a safe and accepting environment. In addition to providing a supportive space, we will utilize talk therapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR to ease/manage your PTSD symptoms. I will also help you learn and use new coping skills and mindfulness techniques. By acquiring these positive skills, you can learn to respond to stress and triggers in a more healthy way. Over time, you will find that your PTSD symptoms improve and you are able to relax in previously tense situations.

Is PTSD treatment safe for me?

Yes. I have 20+ years’ experience as a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist and I’m trained in multiple healing modalities to help you reprocess and integrate your memories in safe ways. Your PTSD treatment will progress according to your needs and willingness. Building rapport and trust between us will assure that your sessions always feel grounded and secure.

Will the treatment move faster than you want it to? Will you be overwhelmed?

No. It’s my job as your therapy partner to make sure our time together meets your needs and goals without causing you undue discomfort. Finding the right PTSD treatment therapist is crucial for your health and wellbeing and the success of your treatment.

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