Depth psychotherapy

What is depth psychotherapy?

Depth psychotherapy refers to the process of bringing to light those parts of the self that have been hidden in the unconscious, parts which are often difficult to surface alone.

As a therapeutic orientation, it is generally less solution-focused, linear, or prescriptive than one might expect therapy to be. Rather, it is a journey that evolves as trust with the therapist and oneself deepens, and a growth process that unfolds over time.

How does depth psychotherapy work?

The therapeutic process will be unique to each person given their own unique struggles, strengths, desires, and personal histories. The process of depth psychotherapy evolves through collaboration between you and your therapist. Together you discuss your hopes and goals, determine the pace of your work, and explore the stories, struggles, and questions you bring in to a session.

As trust with your therapist grows, the relationship creates a safe, non-judgmental space where you are able to feel heard and understood.

In collaboration, you listen deeply to your feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and sensations, all of which offer valuable insight into parts of your inner wisdom you might not be aware of, also known as the unconscious. The therapy room becomes a place where you can explore your struggles as well as your dreams and desires.

As painful and confusing experiences are explored in a safe way, you can connect more honestly and compassionately with your struggle. With awareness, you become less reactive. You naturally uncover new ways of relating to yourself and others, unforeseen possibilities come into view, and ultimately you gain greater choice in your life.

People seek psychotherapy in times of struggle and discomfort. Over time, the process of depth therapy can help to alleviate painful symptoms and to cultivate greater awareness and meaning. As clients become more conscious and aware, they open to shadow parts of themselves that had been previously relegated to the unconscious.

When clients come to me in times of pain or tenderness, we collaborate together to find ways to “move with it,” and to bear the “shape” of things in all their light and shadow. In this way my clients get to have more of their full experience in life, leading to greater ease and self-empowerment to fulfill their goals.